Looking to have ice cream at your next event? We would love to help!

We scoop for events of all sorts, concerts, weddings, corporate team building, birthdays, etc. You choose the ice cream and level of service and we will scoop it up!

Please try and give us as much advance notice as possible. We might not be able to accommodate last minute events.

Event Options

1. Ice Cream Station + Scoopers

Need a sweet treat for a wedding reception, corporate event or birthday party? We can send two scoopers to your venue to serve our ice cream to your guests out of either our cart or branded coolers.

Menu Options:         You may choose one of the following options (waffle cones can be added to scoops only)

            Kids Scoop (1 flavour only)               $3.75

            Single Scoop (1 or 2 flavours)          $5.25

            Double Scoop (1 or 2 flavours)        $6.5

            Sundae                                                      $7.5

            Waffle Cone                                            $1.25

Minimum event charge: $400*   (including event fee)

In order to reach this minimum would mean choosing at least 85 kids scoops, 60 single scoops or 45 Sundaes.

Event Fee:    $100-150*   

This includes up to 2 scoopers for 2 hours of service plus transportation* within Vancouver and is included in the minimum event price.

$100 includes service from our branded coolers.

$150 includes service from our cart.

*$50 additional charge for travel to Burnaby, Richmond, New West and West/North Vancouver.

**$100 additional charge for travel to Coquitlam, Delta, Surrey and the Fraser Valley.


2. Self-Scoop

Looking for more than just pints but don’t need the full ice cream station? If you are having a larger event and have guests that are willing to volunteer their scooping arm, bigger tubs are a good option.

1 gallon - $55 (~15-20 servings)

3 gallon - $140(~50-65 servings)

Plus Event Supplies (optional):  $50
*Event Supplies includes cups, spoons, and the rental of scoops and coolers (plus an additional $100 refundable deposit for coolers & scoops)

If you go this route, we recommend storing the ice cream in a freezer right up until serving. If you are unable to do so, dry ice in the cooler is another option to ensure that the ice cream doesn’t melt beforehand and also keeps it solid during the event. 


3. The Truck

The newest addition to the Rain or Shine fleet!

Menu options:           You may choose one or multiple menu options. If you choose multiple, we will keep track during the event and charge accordingly.

Single scoop (1 or 2 flavours)          $5.25      

Double Scoop (1 or 2 flavours)       $6.5

Waffle Cones                                         $1.25

Sundaes                                                  $7.5

Event fee:  $300*

This includes up to 2 staff for 2 hours of service plus transportation within Vancouver.

*$50 additional charge for travel to North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby

*$100 additional charge for travel to Delta, New Westminster, Surrey and Coquitlam

Minimum event charge: $750   (including event fee)

Flavours:   Your choice amongst the ‘Keepers’! Number of flavours is dependent on number of guests.


*Above pricing does not include GST or 10% event gratuity for your scoopers.

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If you have other questions please email us at events@rainorshineicecream.com