Why ice cream?


We both love treats and have a sweet tooth or two. Dessert is our favourite meal and we allllways have room for it.

We’ve always made food a top priority on our travelling adventures. Partially to avoid getting into crisis mode (who doesn’t get h-angry) and partially to experience as many delectable treats different countries have to offer. More often than not our days exploring a new city end up revolving around tasting the unique, yummy, culinary creations different places have to offer.

We’ve been majorly inspired by some fresh, pure ingredient ice cream we’ve discovered on our trips and wished we could enjoy them in Vancouver without melting all over our suitcase…

Wandering down the ice cream isle we were constantly disappointed by the lacking flavors and scary ingredients we didn’t recognize. We became super conscious of the chemical #$% in a lot of processed food and wanted to get back to the basics. We love eating unprocessed pure, whole ingredients food sourced locally and organically as much as possible. Boom! So that’s how we want our ice cream made. Cut the crap. Literally!

We bought a home ice cream machine in 2011 and spent hundreds of hours experimenting. Our friends loved it and we wanted to expose as many people to these taste bud sensations as possible...so we said “We should open an ice cream store…haha…no…really!”.